Clove + Cedarwood + Frankincense + Litsea + Wild Orange +Distilled H2O infused with Tigers Eye + Tourmaline and held within a 2 oz Amber Glass Bottle. Created to cleanse the auric field and space from exhausting and draining forces.


Gently releasing and refreshing the energy within and without. The spice, resin and citrus blends brings in grounding and uplifting vibrations to the emotional and spiritual body bringing immediate ease and protected barriers infused with the crystal essence of Tigers Eye and Tourmaline.


Tip- Refill will distilled water once it is half way down to expand the life of this blend. Please reuse your bottle or save them! We will be offering an annointing oil to our fellow earth stewards who return 3 used bottles to us.

Spiritual Protection Purifying Mist

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