Rose Oil Roller 10ml
Felt the need to offer a small batch in these round blush vessels this month. Mahalo for your support and invitation to work with these allies.

This oil is a gentle blend that has been brewing for the past month and received their blessings from the ancestors to aid in the healing and flow to lovingly release all that no longer serves your highest good.

She is radiant and carries a deeply intimate connection to compassion. She is an ally that brings her Essence to share codes of love through embracing emotional innerstanding. Welcome her into your days with each use and witness all that blossoms within your life.
Anti-Aging - Antidepressant - Aphrodisiac  
Elevates Mood - Eases Grief - Menstral + Womb Support
Apply to lips, under eye, neck, wrists and lower abdomen.

Rose Oil + Quartz