Pleasure + Balance + Connect

Jasmine Oil + Hawaiian Sandalwood Oil + Cedar Wood Oil + Grapefruit Oil + Tigers Eye + Quartz.

This blend provides nourishing support to the mind, body and spirit  activating the duality of Masculine and Feminine within. Inviting the activation into the body of self acceptance and growing in self worth in times of darkness. Hawaiian sandalwood and cedar wood ground into the essence of the divine masculine allow the foundation to set and the divine feminine to rise and dance within the shadow aspects. 

Opening to receive their medicine that seeks to open the heart space, solar plexus and sacral to allow the ignition of passion for self drive to deepen into intentional actions.

You are held dear one.
Please reuse your bottle or save them! We will be offering an annointing oil to our fellow earth stewards who return 3 used bottles to us.

Pleasure - Stellar Anointing Oil

  • Batch 1 Blend:

    • Bergamot oil
    • Neroli oil
    • Rose oil
    • Fractionated Coconut oil