The Karmic Release Coaster Contains: Quartz Green Aventurine Lapis Lazuli Copper Brass Titanium Resin Size: 4" x 3/4 "


The crystal grid created within this orgone promotes the balance of yin and yang energies bringing one to clear sense of being. The Lapis Lazuli grid brings focus to calling in personal power and allowing karmic patterns to dissolve as the Green Aventurine layers in the flow of abundance and luck in new endevours. Allow this charging plate to take your alchemy game to the next intentional level as these energies begin to integrate with your being.


Place your beverage, cup or bowl on top of the charger. You can also use it for powering crystals and your written intentions by writing down an affirmation or energy you wish to align with then set it on top.


*Allow +8 hours or let it sit overnight to charge.


Orgone Energy Benefits:

  • Transmutes negative energy in to positive
  • Transmutes electromagnetic (EMF) radiation from everyday devices
  • Re-vitalize the atmosphere
  • Organizes and energizes water and drinks
  • Relieves insomnia
  • Boost your intuition
  • Enhance creativity
  • Balance the energy within our body
  • Uplift the recovery and healing process
  • Better our mood and help us improve and develop our actions
  • Protects us from other's negative energtic cords

Orgonite Energy Coaster