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Bergamot - Uplifting the vibe to welcome the New Year

Introducing the lovely lady herself - BER~GA~MOT. She is our featured nurturing ally integrating her way into our first batch releases of Anointing Oils, Purifying Spray and Sacred Body Salts. Traveling across the seas to the beautiful blends that is joining the Essence Boutique January 4th. Each month we will share story of a new ESSENTIAL and WELLNESS ally that is calling to work with us. Enjoy !!

We here about it on occassion and maybe we even have enjoyed an Early Grey Tea. That aroma so delightful seams to be a great pair for the rising routine. Where did this divine fruit come from? Beginning it's birth in South East Asian over seven thousand years ago this fragrant ally called to further expand and share her abundance. This led to receiving it's European branch of creation within the lands of Reggio di Calabria and Sicily. Bergamot was also the first recorded Eau de Cologne created in 1686.

Most Bargamot essential oil is sourced from Reggio di Calabria however our featured DoTerra oil is Sourced from the Amadeo family in Sicily. This 4th generation citrus farming family began in 1850 doing everything by hand! It was not until these days there is an onsite lab allowing the testing. The harvest of this fragrant fruit takes place only twice a year between March to April and then again in June.

The Sicilian love and passion is felt in each drop of this citrus ally bringing the integration that uplifts and raises the sense of self worthiness. Such a dear ally bringing guidance in times of heartache. Teaching us the emotional balance of feeling good enough and knowing we are able to offer ourselves to the world.

Shadow buster to lift the veil and flow acceptance!

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